We usually pick the easiest effective response

We usually pick the easiest effective response - o After...

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We usually pick the easiest effective response Often it’s easier to change attitudes and cognitions thtn behaviors (rationalizing our behaviors as opposed to behaving rationally) o Factors affecting dissonance Degree of choice Irrevocability Valence of outcome Foreseeability of outcome o Cognitive dissonance in action Post-decision dissonance Feelings of dissonance experienced after a decision has been made (DONOT CONFUSE WITH RESON-GENEREATED ATTITUDE CHANGE) o Usually occurs when making a decision b/w equally attractive options Dissonance arises when you leave behind an attractive option o We reduce dissonance by enhancing the attractiveness of the option that you chose and devaluing rejected options Brehm (1956) o Rate attractiveness and desirability of household appliances o Get one gift as incentive o Kicker: the women had to choose b/w two of the products that they had rated as equally attractive and desirable
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Unformatted text preview: o After decision and receiving gift, re-rate all. Now she rates the gift appliance higher than the first time and dramatically lowers the rating of the other appliance that wasn’t chosen Effort Justification • Tendency to increase our liking for something that we have worked hard to attain “I worked hard to get his candy, and it tastes fantastic” • Aronson & Mills (1959) o Young women discussion group on psychology of sex” o Before joining, had to take a reading test to screen for those who were too embarrassed to talk about sex IV: mild initiation condition (prostitute, virgin) and severe initiation condition : Fuck, cock DV: all particiapnts listend to recorded discussion about sexual behavior in animal and the discussion was extremely boring Then asked to rate the group discussion Results: those in the severe initiation liked the discussion more...
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We usually pick the easiest effective response - o After...

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