50 ms - <50 ms = areas of light and dark 50-300 -= id scene...

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o <50 ms = areas of light and dark o 50-300 -= id scene gist and large objects o 500 ms – id small objs and scene details o Rapidly perceived global image features – degree of naturalness (indoor vs. outdoor scences) degree of openness (more horizontal means more open, more vertical means less open), degree of roughness, degree of expansion, color, all the above are properties of scene as a whole an dont depend on recog of individ objs in the scene Physical regularities of the environment that influence obj perception o Predominance of vertical and horizontal contours in the environment. Why more of these than oblique contours? Gravity is operating on objects an obj that is not perfectly vertical is pulled downward Greater sensitivity to vertical and horizontal contours (oblique effect) o Light from above – light typically comes from above not from the side or below Contextual influences o Obj recog is also influence by the context provided by other objs in the scene. We
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