Hierarchical processing

Hierarchical processing - o Hierarchical processing signals...

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o Hierarchical processing – signals pass through a hierarchical series of nueral relays or synapses in the brain undergoing modification in the process o Law of specific nerve energy – the perceptual quality of an experience depends on the part of the brain that is activated thus anything that stimulates the visual cortex will be experienced as a visual percept o Selectivity - any one sensory cell only respond to a restricted range of stimuli within a modality, such as visual, auditory, or tactile stimulus at a specific location Some neurons respond to sound energy but not light energy Neurons level of firing will alter more to certain values of a given stimulus dimension o Organization – within a given neural structures, cells with similar stimulus preferences are found close together o Plasticity – neural response can be modified by experience, either temporarily or permanently Olfaction Olfaction is the sense of smell o Olfaction is a distance sense like vision and sound. It differs from sight and sound
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