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Recognition by components (biederman 1984) Theory developed to account for the following properties of human object recognition: viewpoint invariance (lots of diff vantage points), recognition of novel category examples ( a chair is a chair even If we’ve never seen it before) recognition of simple line drawings, recognition despite occlusion or missing parts Geons – simple geometric solids, we recognition objects by analyzing it into its component geons and their particular arrangement Elements of theory: mental representation of an object consists of a structural escription of component parts and their arrangement Components parts are a small number of simple geo solids – geons Recog. Involves detecting geons and their spatial relations and mathching this input into a structural description in memory Why geons? o Viewpoint invariance: each geon has a defining feature that 1) distinguishes it from other geons and 2) is present in the retinal image from many different
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