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Synesthesia - o Synesthesia sensory union Stimulation of a...

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o Synesthesia – sensory union Stimulation of a single sensory modality evokes a sensory experience in 2 or more modalities Several lines of evidence now argue against a learning account: the consistency of the word-color pairings over time, brain imaging studies, tends to fun in families o Review Explain the phenomenon of color constancy. How does this phenomenon demonstrate that the perceived color of a surface is not determined solely by the spectrum of light the surface reflects? o The same spectrum of light can be perceived as 2 diff colors or 2 diff spectrums can be perceived as the same color depending on whats contributing to that spectrum o Color constancy – constant perception of color despite changes in the spectrum of illumination o The surfaces don’t contribute any new light energy, the selectively absorb or reflect the light that falls on them o The spectrum of light that the apple reflects is different because of the difference in illumination o
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