to simplify the discussion here details of the 3

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Unformatted text preview: entary DNA city names are the Watson-Crick complements of the DNA city names in which every C is replaced by a G, every G by a C, every A by a T, and every T by an A. ( To simplify the discussion here, details of the 3′ versus 5′ ends of the DNA molecules have been omitted.) For this particular problem, only one Hamiltonian path exists, and it passes through Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and Detroit in that order. In the computation, this path is represented by GCAGTCGEND GACTGGGCTATGTCCGA, a DNA sequence of length 24. Shown at the START left is the map with seven cities and 14 nonstop flights used in the —L.M.A. actual experiment. Detroit Chicago Boston Atlanta COMPLEMENT CITY DNA NAME TGAACGTC ATLANTA ACT TGC AG AGCCTGAC BOSTON TCGGACTG C C G ATA C A CHICAGO G G C TAT G T GGCTCGT T DETROIT CCGAGC AA DNA FLIGHT NUMBER FLIGHT GC AGTCGG ATLANTA - BOSTON GC AGCCGA ATLANTA - DETROIT ACTGGGCT BOSTON - CHICAGO ACTGCCGA BOSTON - DETROIT ACTGACT T BOSTON - ATLANTA AT G T C C G A CHICAGO - DETROIT to create de novo mir...
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