Atlantas complementary name becomes for instance

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Unformatted text preview: th the first name of the city of destination. In the example on page 56, the Atlanta-to-Boston flight number becomes GCAGTCGG. Recall that each strand of DNA has its Watson-Crick complement. Thus, each city has its complementary DNA name. Atlanta’s complementary name becomes, for instance, TGAACGTC. After working out these encodings, I had the complementary DNA city names and the DNA flight numbers synthesized. (As it turned out, the DNA city names themselves were largely unnecessary.) I took a pinch (about 1014 molecules) of each of the different sequences and put them into a common test tube. To begin the computation, I simply added water—plus ligase, salt and a few other ingredients to approximate the conditions inside a cell. Altogether only about one fiftieth of a teaspoon of solution was used. Within about one second, I held the answer to the Hamiltonian Path Problem in my hand. To see how, consider what transpires in the tube. For example, the Atlanta-toBoston flight number (GCAGTCGG) an...
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