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I chose the seven city 14 ight map shown in the inset

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Unformatted text preview: Days in a Lab F or my experiment, I sought a Hamiltonian Path Problem small enough to be solved readily in the lab, yet large enough to provide a clear “proof of principle” for DNA computation. I chose the seven-city, 14-flight map shown in the inset on page 56. A nonscientific study has shown that it takes about 54 DNA POLYMERASE A T T T C G G A G A G A C T C G T G C G C C A G C POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION, or PCR, is used to replicate DNA molecules that begin with the start city (Atlanta) and terminate with the end city (Detroit). In this example, a primer—GGCT, representing the complement of the first name of Detroit—is annealed to the right end of a DNA strand. The primer signals the polymerase to begin making a Watson-Crick complement of the strand. After the polymerase is done, the double helix is split into two strands so that Watson-Crick complements of each half can be made. This process is repeated to obtain a large number of copies of molecules that have the correct start and end cities....
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