In fact dna polymerase needs a start chicago to

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Unformatted text preview: olymerases. Polymerases copy information from one molecule into another. For example, DNA polymerase will make a Watson-Crick complementary DNA strand from a DNA template. In fact, DNA polymerase needs a “start CHICAGO TO DETROIT G BOSTON TO CHICAGO G C ATLANTA TO BOSTON C A C SLIM FILMS A WATSON-CRICK ANNEALING, in which Cs pair with Gs and As join with Ts, will result in DNA flight-number strands (shown here: Atlanta to Boston, Boston to Chicago, and Chicago to Detroit) being held endto-end by strands encoding the complementary DNA city names (shown here: Boston and Chicago). 56 Scientific American T G C G A T A CG A G C T C G G A A G T C T A T A C G G C T G C C COMPLEMENT OF CHICAGO COMPLEMENT OF BOSTON August 1998 Computing with DNA Copyright 1998 Scientific American, Inc. signal” to tell it where to begin making the complementary copy. This signal is provided by a primer—a (possibly short) piece of DNA that is annealed to the template by Watson-Crick complementarity. Wherever...
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