It was amazing to think that the solution to a

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Unformatted text preview: d the complementary name of Boston (AGCCTGAC) might meet by chance. By design, the former sequence ends problem contained just a handful of cities, there was a virtual certainty that at least one of the molecules formed would encode the Hamiltonian path. It was amazing to think that the solution to a mathematical problem could be stored in a single molecule! Notice also that all the paths were created at once by the simultaneous interactions of literally hundreds of trillions of molecules. This biochemical reaction represents enormous parallel processing. A C G A A T C G C PRIMER with TCGG, and the latter starts with AGCC. Because these sequences are complementary, they will stick together. If the resulting complex now encounters the Boston-to-Chicago flight number (ACTGGGCT), it, too, will join the complex because the end of the former (TGAC) is complementary to the beginning of the latter (ACTG). In this manner, complexes will grow in length, with DNA flight numbers splinted together by complementary...
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