Such a path is called a hamiltonian path in the

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Unformatted text preview: hts (a path) exists that starts in Atlanta (the start vertex) and ends in Detroit (the end vertex), while passing through each of the remaining cities (Boston and Chicago) exactly once. Such a path is called a Hamiltonian path. In the example shown on C C G C G C A G T G C G T C A G G G A C A A LIGASE Computing with DNA Scientific American August 1998 57 Copyright 1998 Scientific American, Inc. TOMO NARASHIMA LIGASES connect the splinted molecules. Wherever the protein finds two strands of DNA in proximity, it will covalently bond them into a single strand. A T C T G A C G G T C C T T A A G C page 56, it is easy to see that a unique Hamiltonian path exists, and it passes through the cities in this order: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit. If the start city were changed to Detroit and the end city to Atlanta, then clearly there would be no Hamiltonian path. More generally, given a graph with directed edges and a specified start vertex and end vertex, one says there is a Hamiltonian path if and only if there is a path that starts at the start vertex, ends at the end vertex and passes though each remaining v...
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