3013q2.m06.072 - MEEG 3013 Quiz#2.m06.072 A(3 points Describe Saint Venants principle B(7 points A fabric used in air-inflated structures is

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MEEG 3013 Quiz #2.m06.072 A . (3 points) Describe Saint Venant’s principle . B . (7 points) A fabric used in air-inflated structures is sub- jected to a biaxial loading that results in normal stresses x σ = 120 MPa and z = 160 MPa. If the properties of the fabric can be approximated as E = 87 GPa and ν = 0.34, determine the change in length of ( a ) side AB , ( b ) side BC , ( c ) diagonal AC . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A . Saint Venant’s principle states that, except in the immediate vi- cinity of the points of application of the loads, the stress distribution
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