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3013q5.m15.072 - MEEG 3013 Quiz#5.m15.072 1 Dene the values...

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MEEG 3013 Quiz #5.m15.072 1. De ne the values of the singularity function n x a < > . 2. A timber beam is shown. ( a ) Determine the reactions A and C at supports A and C . ( b ) Using singularity functions , find the location D x and magnitude D M of the maximum bending moment in the beam occurring at D . ( c ) Knowing that the available stock consists of beams with an allowable stress of 12 MPa and a rectangular cross section of 30-mm width and depth h varying from 80 mm to 160 mm in 10-mm increments, determine the value of h for most economical cross section. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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