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MEEG 3013 Name: ________________________________________________ (Underline your last name.) Test II ( ) ID #: ____________________________________________________ 1. (30%) For the beam shown, ( a ) draw the free-body, shear, and bending-moment diagrams, ( b ) write the equations de fning the shear V and bending moment M using singularity functions, ( c ) determine the maximum bending moment M max based on the equations for V and M . Fig. P1 Fig. P2 Fig. P3 A Fig. P3 B & C 2. (30%) For the state of stress shown, draw and use Mohr’s circle to determine the range of values of θ for which the normal stress acting on the plane normal to the x axis is σ x 75 MPa. 3. Circle on this test sheet the nearest item for each of the following: A . (7%) The built-up wooden beam shown is subjected to a vertical shear of 5 kN. If the spacing of nails is s = 45 mm and each nail is 90 mm long, the shearing force in each nail is ( a ) 404 N. ( b ) 390 N.
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