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Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Mechanics of Materials (Spring 2010) Name:________________________________ (Time: 2 hours) ID #:_________________________________ 1. A combined beam, with a constant flexural rigidity EI , fixed supports at its ends A and D , a hinge connection at B , and carrying a concentrated force P at C , is shown in Fig. 1. Determine (a) the vertical reaction force y A and the reaction moment A M at A , (b) the deflection B y of the hinge at B . Fig. 1 Fig. 2 2. Using Mohr’s circle, determine the principal planes and the principal stresses for the state of plane stress resulting from the superposition of the two states of stress shown in Fig. 2. 3. A 2-in. solid circular bar is loaded by means of an attached rigid bar as shown.
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Unformatted text preview: Determine the following: a) The internal forces and moments on a section 2 in. away, called section a-a , from the support. Draw the appropriate free-body diagram. b) Determine the normal stress and shear stress at point A on the cross section at section a-a . c) Determine the normal stress and shear stress at point B on the cross section at section a-a . d) Draw the stress state at point B on a differential volume element located at this point. e) Plot the distribution of the normal stress on the cross section at section a-a in the x-direction. Determine the maximum and minimum normal stress values and label their location. Note: Be sure to clearly show all work and state units. Fig. 3...
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