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Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Mechanics of Materials (Summer 2010) Name:________________________________ (Time: 2 hours) ID #:_________________________________ 1. A beam AD having a constant flexural rigidity EI is supported and loaded as shown in Fig. 1. Determine ( a ) the reaction forces y A and y C at A and C , ( b ) the slopes A θ and B at A and B , ( c ) the deflection B y at B . Fig. 1 2. A . Describe the principle of moments . B . For the beam shown in Fig. 2, consider section
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Unformatted text preview: n-n and determine ( a ) the shearing stress a τ at point a , ( b ) the shearing stress b at point b . Fig. 2 3. The magnitude of tightening force in the clamp is P = 600 N. Knowing that point C is the centroid of section a-a , determine ( a ) the value of y , ( b ) the stress A σ at point A , ( c ) the stress D at point D , ( d ) the value of e if the stress at E is zero, ( e ) the state of stress at point B . Fig. 3...
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