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Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Mechanics of Materials (Fall 2010) Closed books & closed notes Name:________________________________ (Time: 2 hours) ID #:_________________________________ 1. Two solid steel shafts AB and CD are fitted with flanges at B and C that are then connected by bolts as shown in Fig. 1. The bolts are slightly undersized and permit a 3 ° rotation of one flange with respect to the other before the flanges begin to rotate as a single unit. Knowing that the torque applied to the flange at B has a magnitude 420 lb ft T = and the modulus of rigidity for steel is 6 11.2 10 psi, G = × determine the maximum shearing stresses max () AB τ and CD developed in these two shafts. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 2. A state of stress at a point is obtained by the superposition of two states of stress at the same
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