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4003q12.m07.093 - MEEG 4003 Quiz 12.m07.093 A spacecraft...

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MEEG 4003 Quiz 12.m07.093 A spacecraft approaches Venus along a hyperbolic trajectory SQ of eccentricity 2 ε= as shown. As it reach- es Q , retrorockets are red momentarily to insert it into an elliptic orbit as indicated. If the mass of Venus is 0.8144 time of the mass of the Earth, determine for the spacecraft ( a ) its speed hyp () Q v as it approaches Q , ( b ) its speed ell Q v after ring of retrorockets at Q , ( c ) time QP t required to travel from Q to P . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ( a ) 2 22 1 hyp (/) 1 (1 cos )
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