A4003.093 - Assignments for MEEG 4003 Intermediate Dynamics Instructor Ing-Chang Jong Ph.D P.E Office MEEG 204E Phone 575-4350 Professor of

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Assignments for MEEG 4003 Intermediate Dynamics Instructor : Ing-Chang Jong, Ph.D., P.E. Office: MEEG 204E Phone: 575-4350 Professor of Mechanical Engineering E-mail: [email protected] Text : Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics , (or Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics ), 1991 Jong and Rogers, Oxford University Press Objectives: This course is aimed at developing in students the concepts and skills related to the analysis and prediction of conditions of bodies in central-force motion, use of rotating reference frames, and rigid bodies un- der the action of unbalanced force systems in 3 dimensions. Problems related to motion of a gyroscope are the required additional work for graduate students. Content: Each student is advised to do all Developmental Exercises interspersed in the sections assigned. A. Review of Central-force Motion and Plane Kinematics 1. Review of Central-Force Motion Gravitational force Motion under a central force Governing differential equations Trajectories of
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