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MEEG 4003 Name: _______________________ (Underline your last name .) Final Exam ID#: __________________________ 1. (30%) The Geneva mechanism shown in Fig. P1 consists of a star wheel S and a driving wheel D . It is known that the driving wheel D rotates with a constant angular velocity ω D = 3 rad/s . For the in- stant when θ = 60°, determine ( a ) the angular velocity ω S and angular acceleration α S of the star wheel S , ( b ) the velocity v B/S and acceleration a B/S of the engaging pin B on the wheel D relative to the wheel S . Fig. P1 Fig. P2 2. (20%) The slender bent rod OABC , shown in Fig. P2, weighs 6.44 lb/ft. Determine the moment of inertia of this bent rod about the axis joining the points O and C . 3. (30%) A 64.4-lb rectangular plate is falling with a downward velocity of 14 ft/s and zero angular
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Unformatted text preview: velocity when its corner C strikes the corner O of a post as shown in Fig. P3. If the impact is perfectly plastic, determine immediately after impact ( a ) the angular velocity ω of the plate, ( b ) the velocity v of its mass center G . Fig. P3 Fig. P4 4. (20%) A slender rod OA of length L = 1.2 m and mass m = 3 kg can rotate freely about the pin in a clevis which remains at the position O and is rotated with the vertical shaft about its vertical axis at a constant angular velocity ω = 10 J rad/s as shown in Fig. P4. Applying Euler’s equations of motion, determine the angle formed by the rod OA and the vertical axis....
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