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(Closed books & closed notes) MEEG 4003 Name: _____________________ (Underline your last name .) ID#: _______________________ Quiz #15.m15.093 1. Describe Chasles’ theorem. 2. In the position shown, the crank AB of the 4-bar linkage ro- tates with AB ω = 8 rad/s and AB α = 6 rad/s 2 . Determine the angular velocity BD ω and angular acceleration BD α of the link BD in this position. Midterm Exam (Part A) 1. ( 30%) A linkage is shown, where the slider
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Unformatted text preview: D moves along a smooth circular groove of radius 6 ft as indicated. It is known that the crank AB rotates with a constant angular velocity AB ω = 1 rad/s . Using the parametric method , de-termine the possible values of the an-gular velocity BD ω of the link BD and the velocity v D of the slider D when AB and BD become collinear with the line AO . ( Part B of the Midterm Exam to be given in the next meeting)...
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