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(Closed books & closed notes) MEEG 4003 Name: _____________________ (Underline your last name .) ID#: _______________________ Midterm Exam (Part B) 2. (30%) A spacecraft approaches the planet Ve- nus along a hyperbolic trajectory SQ of eccen- tricity ε = 2 as shown. As it reaches the vertex Q of the trajectory SQ , its retrorockets are fired momentarily to decrease its speed and insert itself into an elliptic orbit as indicated. The ratio of the mass of Venus to the mass of the Earth is known to be 0.8144. For the spacecraft, determine ( a ) its speed as it approaches Q , (b) its speed after the firing of the retrorockets, ( c ) the time t QP elapsed as it travels from Q to P . 3. ( 30%) Refer to the four-bar linkage shown. It is known that a = b = 3 ft, c = 4 ft, d = 8 ft, and the crank AB rotates with angular acceleration α AB = 6 rad/s
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