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Unformatted text preview: Closed Books Closed Notes MEEG 4103 Name: __________________________________ Midterm Exam ID#: _____________________________________ (Underline your last name.) 1. (30%) A steel countershaft ( E 30 × 106 psi ) with roller bearings at O and B is in equilibrium as = shown, where T1 = 9 T2 . Taking the bearings as simple supports, determine (a) the deflection yC at C, (b) the minimum shaft diameter d min needed, using ⅛-in. increments, if the slope at either bearing should not exceed 0.05° , (c) the value of yC when the shaft diameter is d min . Fig. P1 2. (20%) Using the traction vector formula t i = σj i n j derive the octahedral normal stress σo ct and the octahedral shear stress τo ct in terms of the principal stresses: σ 1 , σ 2 , σ 3 . Include pertinent sketches in the derivation. 3. (20%) Describe the octahedral-shear-stress theory and show that this theory gives the same equivalent stress ( σ ′ ) for yielding as that given in the distortion energy theory. 4. (30%) A bar of AISI 1040 hot-rolled steel has a minimum yield strength in tension and compression of 42 kpsi. Using the distortion-energy and maximum-shear-stress theories, computing the von Mises stress, drawing the stress element, and drawing Mohr’s circle diagrams, determine the factor of safety n for the following plane stress states: (a) σ x = 30 kpsi, τ x y = − 8 kpsi (b) σ x =σ y = x y = − 24 kpsi, −12 kpsi, τ − 8 kpsi (c) σ x = 1= 28 kpsi, τ x y 6 kpsi 2 kpsi, σ y = ...
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