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AERO 3970-01: Applications of FORTRAN Auburn University, Spring 2011 Monday 12:00-12:50 PM Room 123, Davis Aerospace Engineering Hall Instructor: Emily Doucette, Aerospace Engineering Graduate Student 329 Aerospace Engineering Building, [email protected] Office Hours: Mon., Tues., and Thurs. 3:00-4:00 PM Course Description: This course offers an introduction to computer programming fundamentals, particularly for engineering applications. It also covers beginner and intermediate syntax for the FORTRAN programming language. Textbook: None. Lecture notes and programming examples will be provided via the class website: Software: Force 2.0.9 Topics: 1. Introduction to programming logic and the Fortran language 2. Introduction to Force 2.0.9 and Fortran code formatting 3. Application of simple IF statements 4. IF-ELSE and GOTO structures
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Simple DO loops, both styles 6. Nested DO loops and DO-IF structures 7. Strategy for writing a simple engineering program from scratch 8. Basic debugging 9. Subroutines and functions 10. Variable types and declarations 11. Using double precision throughout a program 12. Array variables 13. File access and modification 14. Formatted input/output Grading: 4 Assignments, 25% each This course is graded on the satisfactory/unsatisfactory scale. A total grade percentage of at least 70% is required to earn the satisfactory mark. You must attempt every assignment. Late assignments will not be accepted. Attendance Policy: Attendance is not required, but is highly suggested. Special Needs: Students who need accommodations are asked to arrange a meeting with me during office hours the first week of classes, or as soon as possible if accommodations are needed immediately....
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