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Aero 3970: Applications of FORTRAN Homework Assignment #1 Due: Monday February 14, 12:00 PM Syntax Questions 1. What are the following columns used for in FORTRAN? a. Columns 1-5 b. Column 6 c. Columns 7-72 d. Columns > 72 2. (True/False) FORTRAN is case sensitive, meaning FORTRAN can distinguish between “n” and “N”. (Multiple Choice) 3. Force compiles ______ code. a. F90 b. F77 c. F95 d. F150 4. What does the entry in the second position in parenthesis after a read or a write command correspond to? a. Where the program reads/writes b. In what format the program reads/writes c. What time of day the program reads/writes d. What room the computer is in 5. What conditional statement means ‘not equal’? a. .omg. b. .neq. c. .idkmybffjill. d. .ne. Program Assignment Write a FORTRAN code using Force 2.0 that asks the user “How many planets are in our solar system?”
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