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FortranHW2 - distance to its destination Write a program...

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Aero 3970: Applications of FORTRAN Homework Assignment #2 Due: Monday February 28, 12:00 PM Syntax Questions 1. Unless you tell the program otherwise, all variables that start with the letters a-h and o-z will be _________, and all variables that start with the letters i-n will be _______. 2. (True/False) It is very important that the variable declarations be placed under the “program” command but before the main part of your code. (Multiple Choice) 3. What would the beginning of a do loop look like if you wanted to start at i = 100 and end at i = 2, counting by -2? a. do i = 100:-2:2 b. do i = 2:-2:100 c. do i = 100,-2,2 d. do i = 100,2,-2 4. The command to conclude a do loop is _______ and the command to conclude an if statement is ________. a. end; end b. end if; end do c. hold up; wait a minute d. end do; end if 5. The second to last line in a subroutine is always a. return b. stop c. end d. reverse Program Assignment There is a spaceship equipped with an engine that every time it is turned on, the ship travels ¼ of the
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Unformatted text preview: distance to its destination. Write a program that uses a do loop to find out how many burns are required to get from Earth to within 1 meter of Mars and what that final distance is. - Use 58,000,000 km as the distance from Earth to Mars. - Use double precision variables except for the loop counter. - Your program should compile in Force 2.0 with no errors or warnings. - The correct answer is 87 burns and 0.782993053 m. This should be written to the screen exactly as: The number of burns is 87. The final distance between the ship and Mars is 0.782993053 m. Save this file as YourLastNameHW2.f and email it to me at [email protected] . Pay attention to units. Yes, you must put the period after the 87 and the m when writing the output to the screen. Answer the syntax questions above in the same file as comments before your code begins. No late work will be accepted....
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