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FortranHW3 - Aero 3970 Applications of FORTRAN Homework...

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Aero 3970: Applications of FORTRAN Homework Assignment #3 Due: Monday April 4, 12:00 PM Syntax Questions 1. A(n) _____ is a single variable that can hold more than one value simultaneously. 2. (True/False) The $ character skips to the next line and the / character keeps the cursor on the same line in a format statement. (Multiple Choice) 3. The format statement F10.4 will display ____ numbers to the left of the decimal and ____ numbers to the right of the decimal. a. 10; 4 b. 7; 7 c. 5; 4 d. 6; 4 4. When asterisks are output to the screen (*******) it means a. you need sleep b. you did not provide enough spaces for the output in your format statement c. your computer is possessed d. you hit the jackpot Program Assignment Using “do” loops, import the tabular data from three input files (on the class website) and join all the data into a single array. Then calculate the average of each column and write the two averages to one file named YourLastName.txt. The average of the first column should be displayed to 8 places after the decimal and the average of the second column
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