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Department of Physics Lior Burko University of Alabama in Huntsville Fall semester, 2008 AST 371: Introduction to Astrophysics Homework Assignment No. 1 Due date: 8/25/2008 Problem 1: a. Based on Arp (1961) , plot the filter response functions S u , S b , and S v as functions of the wavelength. b. Modify the definitions for U-B and B-V to allow for the finite band of the filters and their response function. Recall that integration can be done analytically over a fitted function, or numerically using a data table. c. Plot a color – color diagram for a perfect black body, main sequence stars, giant stars, and supergiant stars. For the black body, assume the convention that B-V=0=U-B for T=7,000K. For the stars, use the data in the table . Draw the black body curve, and then add dots of stars. Use different symbols/colors for stars belonging to the different luminosity classes. Clearly mark the Sun on the diagram.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 2: Make a graph of the magnitude difference M b -M v for a black body as a function of temperature for the temperature range 3,000-30,000K. To simplify the calculation, you may assume that magnitudes are determined in a narrow range of wavelengths around the peak of each filter. Problem 3: For a 300K blackbody, over what range of wavelengths would you expect the Rayleigh Jeans law to be a good approximation? Problem 4: Calculate the energy per squared centimeter per second reaching Earth from the Sun. Problem 5: How does the absolute magnitude of a star vary with the size of the star (assuming the temperature stays constant)? Problem 6: If we double the temperature of a blackbody, by how much must we decrease the surface area to keep the luminosity constant?...
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