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830:396 and 397:02 -- Field Work in Psychology: Day Care Developmental Milestones: Ages 2 to 8 Years By Two Years: Fine and Gross Motor Skills Builds tower of 6 cubes Imitates circular motion of crayon, after demonstration Holds cup in one hand Enjoys pouring and filling activities Kicks ball forward Jumps in place Runs Hurls small ball overhand Uses spoon without spilling Perceptual-Cognitive Skills Fits large pegs into pegboard Simple classification based on one dimension (separated toy dinosaurs from toy cars) Begins to use objects in symbolic play (may push a block and pretend it’s a car) Names objects in picture books Knows where things are usually located (can put toys back in their usual places) Responds to a 2-part command Speech and Language Enjoys being read to; participates by pointing and turning pages Receptive language (understanding) more advanced than productive language (expression) Utters three- and four-word sentences Uses 50 to 300 different words; understands 200 to 400 words Expresses negative statements by adding a negative word, “not more milk” “I no like it” Repeatedly asks “what’s that?” Some stammering Speech is 50% intelligible Personal-Social Comforts another child who is hurt or frightened Uses physical aggression if frustrated or angry Displays temper tantrums; cannot be reasoned with while tantrum is in progress Finds it difficult to wait or take turns Watches and imitates play of other children but seldom joins in; plays well alone Possessive of playthings Often defiant (“No!”) Very aware of routines
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By Three Years Fine and Gross Motor Skills Feeds self without assistance Folds paper Uses vertical, horizontal and circular motions with markers and crayons Turns pages of a book one at a time Washes and dries hands Manipulates large buttons and zippers on clothing Walks up and down stairs without assistance Walks backward 10 feet Balances on one foot Throws a ball overhand Enjoys swinging on a swing Pedals tricycle Usually has achieved bladder control Perceptual-Cognitive Skills Listens attentively to stories and makes relevant comments Plays realistically: feeds doll and puts it down for nap; drives truck making motor noises Copies circles, squares, and some letters Recognizes circles, squares, triangles Sorts objects based on shape or color Understands bigger and smaller Recognizes primary colors Counts objects out loud Uses temporal phrases such as “all day,” “tomorrow” Rote counts to 10
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Developmental+Milestones - 830:396 and 397:02 - Field Work...

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