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Public Relations Management Selecting a subject for your Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Campaign The assignment consists of preparing a strategic integrated marketing communication plan for an organization according to the format provided. The organization could be: A large, multinational public company (e.g. Wal Mart, Hewlett Packard, Merck…) A non-profit organization (e.g. a local food bank, The Susan Koman Foundation…) An institution of art or education (e.g. Lincoln Center, Douglas College…) A governmental entity (e.g. The City of New Brunswick, The State of New Jersey… The purpose of the plan is to achieve a specific set of objectives for the organization. The objectives could be: To create awareness of a new product To improve the organization’s perception i.e. image, among its customers or the public To change the perception of a company after a major initiative (e.g. an acquisition, a re- organization, a change of name, naming a new CEO, an expanded diversity program…)
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IMC-Selecting_a_Subject - Public Relations Management...

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