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PR Tactics-Estimated Costs For Campaign Budgets Tactic Agency  Hours  (@ $200) Outside Costs Notes Advertising 1 pg, trade pub: $5K 1 pg, major daily: $25K 60 sec, TV, primetime: 45K Add 10% for production Backgrounders 5 Bios/Photos 1 ea. Photos: $500 ea. Brochures 20 Printing, color, 4pp: $480/1K Based on 8.5” X 11” 40% less for B&W Editorial Board  Briefings/ Media  Tours 8 See Travel Assume total of 4 people per trip Employee  Surveys 12 $10K per 1K employees Events 40 Facility: 10K A/V: 2K 50 participants; one meal; full day; off-site Feature Stories 20 Reprints: $288/1K Issue  Statements 12 Letters to the  Editor 2 Media  Interviews 4 See Travel Media Kits
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Unformatted text preview: 20 Printing: 2K per 100 Media Training 10 News Releases 8 Newsletters 40 Production: $600/1K Pitch Letters 6 Presentations 12 Press Conferences 32 See Events & Travel PSAs 6 Video Production: $15K Q/A Documents 20 Research 20 Phone survey: $2 ea. Example: 10,000 people surveyed =$20,000 Scholarships 5 $10,000 ea. yr awarded Speakers Bureau 20 Speeches 10 See Travel Talking Points 5 Town Meetings 10 A/V: $2K Refreshments: $2 per person Travel $1200 per person ea. trip Video Scripts 12 VNRs 8 Production: $12K Website 12 Development: $10K Maintenance: $2K/Mo. White Papers 12 2...
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PR_Tactics-Estimated_Costs - 20 Printing 2K per 100 Media...

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