As Madame Ratignolle sews the children

As Madame Ratignolle sews the children - As Madame...

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Unformatted text preview: As Madame Ratignolle sews the children's winter garments, Edna sketches her and chats with Robert. After Edna has completed the sketch, Madame Ratignolle claims to feel a fainting spell coming on; Edna and Robert quickly respond by fanning her and spritzing her with cologne. Recovering speedily, Madame Ratignolle returns to her cottage, and Robert compels Edna to go for their daily swim. This chapter reveals Robert's history as a sort of harmless womanizer. Although he seems to court a new woman each summer, his courtship is all form and no content. Chopin describes Creole husbands as passionless; Robert's supposed passion as a young single man similarly is without substance. Although he and Edna spend a great deal of time together, no one (not even Edna) is suspicious of their relationship or of Robert's intentions. When he lays his head on her arm while she suspicious of their relationship or of Robert's intentions....
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