In Chapter 7

In Chapter 7 - In Chapter 7 Edna and Madame Ratignolle walk...

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Unformatted text preview: In Chapter 7, Edna and Madame Ratignolle walk to the beach and sit on the porch of their adjoining beach houses. Edna confides to Madame Ratignolle much of her past history of infatuation with unattainable men. They are interrupted by Robert approaching with their children. Edna joins the children in their play tent on the beach while Madame Ratignolle asks Robert to help her back to her cottage. In Chapter 8, Madame Ratignolle asks Robert to leave Edna alone rather than continue with his devoted, if platonic, attentions. He takes offense, pointing out that he is not like Alcée Arobin, a well- known womanizer. After walking Madame Ratignolle to her room, Robert joins his mother, who mentions that their friend Montel is in Mexico, should Robert like to join him there to pursue business interests. Robert is impatient to learn more about this prospect but is easily distracted by his interests....
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