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Mrs. James Highcamp  Middle-aged society woman who enjoys the company of fashionable young  men; spends time at the racetrack with Edna and Alcée. Mrs. Merriman  Friend of Mrs. Highcamp and Arobin; Edna comes into contact with Arobin through  Mrs. Merriman and Mrs. Highcamp. The Colonel  Edna's father, a retired colonel in the Confederate army. Janet  Edna's younger sister, whose wedding Edna refuses to attend because of her distaste for  marriage. Margaret  Edna' older sister, who raised Edna after their mother died. The lady in black  Highly devout, elderly woman staying at the Grand Isle boardinghouse, usually 
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Unformatted text preview: seen with a prayerbook or rosary in hand. The lovers Courting couple on Grand Isle usually seen by themselves, enthralled in their new romance. Monsieur Farival Elderly gentleman vacationing on Grand Isle at the boardinghouse. The Farival twins Monsieur Farival's granddaughters who repeatedly practice on piano a duet from the opera Zampa . Celestine Edna's live-in servant at the "pigeon house." Laidpore Edna's drawing teacher and art broker; he sells her work, allowing her a small income. Montel Old family friend of the Lebruns' whom Robert meets with in Mexico to seek his fortune....
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