That night when Léonce returns from Klein

That night when Léonce returns from...

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Unformatted text preview: That night when Léonce returns from Klein's hotel, cheerful and talkative, Edna is already asleep. His entrance wakes her and he tries to elicit responses to his gossip despite her sleepiness. Checking on the sleeping boys, he reports to Edna that Raoul has a fever and compels her to check on the boy, despite her objections that Raoul was quite healthy when he went to bed. By the time Léonce goes to sleep, Edna is fully awake. She goes onto the porch and cries until the mosquitoes force her back inside to bed. The next morning, Léonce leaves for New Orleans for the workweek. He sends a box of sweet and savory treats to Edna, which she shares with everyone else at Grand Isle. Léonce's behavior upon returning home illustrates his perception of his wife as more of an amusement than a partner. When he arrives home, possibly drunk (considering his exuberant and amusement than a partner....
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