1851 Melville publishes The Whale

1851 Melville publishes The Whale - year stint as a...

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1851  Melville publishes  The Whale , then reissues it under the title  Moby-Dick . Melville's second son,  Stanwix, is born. 1852  Melville publishes  Pierre . 1853  Melville's first daughter, Elizabeth, is born. Putnam's magazine publishes "Bartleby, the Scrivener" in two installments. Melville is paid $85. 1855  Melville publishes  Israel Potter . Frances, his second daughter and last child, is born. Putnam's  magazine publishes  Benito Cereno  in three installments. 1856  Melville publishes  The Piazza Tales , a collection of short stories including "Bartleby" and  Benito Cereno . At the point of mental and physical collapse, Melville travels in Europe, Egypt, and  the Holy Land. 1857  Melville's  The Confidence Man  is published while he is out of the country. He launches a three-
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Unformatted text preview: year stint as a lecturer. 1863 Melville sells Arrowhead and returns to New York City. 1866 Melville publishes Battle Pieces, the first of his poetic works, and accepts a job as customs inspector for the Port of New York. Malcolm dies of a self-inflicted pistol wound. 1869 Stanwix goes to sea. 1876 Melville publishes Clarel. 1886 Stanwix Melville dies of tuberculosis in San Francisco. 1888 Melville publishes John Marr and Other Sailors and begins writing Billy Budd on November 16. 1891 Melville publishes Timoleon, then completes the manuscript for Billy Budd on April 19 and dies on September 28. 1924 Raymond Weaver is instrumental in the publication of Billy Budd....
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