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After lunch

After lunch - After lunch Babbitt returns to work and takes...

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Unformatted text preview: After lunch, Babbitt returns to work and takes a prospective customer out to see a property. Afterward, he and Henry T. Thompson, his father-in-law and partner, go shopping for a new car for the older man. Babbitt is able to get a discount on the price through a fellow member of the Boosters' Club who is sales manager of the Zeeco Auto Agency. Back in the office, Babbitt continues his daily routine. Late in the afternoon, he has an argument with Stanley Graff, his outside salesman. Graff has worked earnestly for Babbitt for a long time and regularly puts in extra hours. Now that he is planning to get married, he asks for an increase in his commission and a bonus for a particularly difficult sale that he has just completed. Babbitt angrily turns on Graff and gives him a stern, moralistic tongue-lashing, criticizing Graff's lack of fairness,...
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