Although he is now a prominent citizen

Although he is now a prominent citizen - Although he is now...

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Unformatted text preview: Although he is now a prominent citizen, Babbitt is not fully satisfied, for he has not received the social recognition that he feels he and his family deserve. He looks forward to his university class dinner since he will have an opportunity to mingle with such Zenith aristocrats as Charlie McKelvey, the millionaire contractor, Irving Tate, the tool manufacturer, and Adelbert Dobson, the fashionable interior decorator. In theory, these men are all his friends because they attended college together, and they are still on a first-name basis, despite the fact that Babbitt is never invited to their homes. The banquet is held in a private room at the Union Club, and although Babbitt is dressed and groomed properly, he enters these sacred precincts with nervous awe. Gathered in the room are some sixty people. The successful ones (like Babbitt) wear evening clothes, while the others are some sixty people....
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