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At this point - At this point Lewis allows himself some...

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Unformatted text preview: At this point, Lewis allows himself some extra space for satirizing advertising copy. The springboard is Ted's praise of the Shortcut Educational Pub. Co. — a business that operates out of Sandpit, Iowa, an obviously unsuccessful address but a fact not considered by either father or son. The home-study courses promise many benefits — such as masterful originality, a quality that Ted will probably never have. And as for the "talking right up to the boss" idea, we have just witnessed Ted's father savagely upbraiding an employee who sincerely believed that he had a right to "talk up" and ask his boss for a better salary. Lewis' mimicking of the shortcut, get-rich-quick pamphlets is a tour de force, but it is pathetic that Babbitt cannot even begin to evaluate the leaflets that Ted is drooling over. Babbitt is such a run-of-the-mill, conventional fraud that he is unable to discern that these over....
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