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Unformatted text preview: Babbitt's visit to the prison accomplishes an important change. After Babbitt leaves Paul, he accepts the reality of his friend's imprisonment. Paul and he have been parted and, whether or not it is just, Babbitt is soured on the world, on success, and on the quality of his own life. He feels dreadfully old and tired. We sense that money and success are no longer as satisfying as they once were. Besides material comfort, a man needs a friend — someone he can easily talk to, can relax with — someone who appreciates him. Paul filled that role for Babbitt. Now, with Paul behind prison walls and Myra far away with her relatives, Babbitt is adrift and must look for someone real to hang onto, someone with whom to begin a new, full relationship. Propitiously, Tanis Judique — slender, fortyish, rosy-cheeked, and smartly dressed — is also looking...
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