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Unformatted text preview: Babbitt's actions — which once were compulsively and obsessively consistent — have now become inconsistent. Babbitt the solid citizen realizes that a change has occurred and also realizes that nothing has been gained by his rebellion, but he has no answer. He knows only that he must continue his rebellion. He knows that what he is doing is impractical, but he cannot help himself. He searched for peace in the Maine woods with Paul, and he was content for awhile; he was happy when he returned to Zenith and began speaking out in behalf of his fellow realtors and promoting a successful campaign for Mayor Prout. The vice presidency of the Boosters' Club was a unique thrill. Yet Babbitt feels lost. When Babbitt returns again to the Maine woods, it is as though he is looking for something lost; somewhere, somehow, he missed the opportunity to be happy. Babbitt determines to find a new life somewhere, somehow, he missed the opportunity to be happy....
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