Babbitt has made money

Babbitt has made money - Babbitt has made money; that is a...

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Unformatted text preview: Babbitt has made money; that is a fact. He is a success, so he is not completely ignorant of sales maneuvers. His right hand may scribble pretentious lures for real estate, but his left hand is realistically set on making money. A quality of Babbitt's, pointed out already but particularly evident in this chapter, is his self-deception. A resolution to take better care of his health comforts him. Likewise, an unanswered letter that he intends to answer seems already answered; and instead of using willpower and determination to stop smoking, he hides his cigars from himself. Babbitt, the great booster of willpower, is a fraud. Concerning Babbitt's business ethics, it is not surprising to learn that Babbitt's concern is not really for the community, as he claims, but for himself and the money he will extract. He "chants" lies; he has "ironed" a meadow into a sunburnt housing development, and he has bribed health inspectors...
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