Before leaving the office for lunch

Before leaving the office for lunch - Before leaving the...

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Unformatted text preview: Before leaving the office for lunch, Babbitt hustles about importantly, giving unnecessary instructions to his employees. He lights a cigar, forgetting that he has just determined to give up smoking, and despite his many resolutions to get more exercise, he decides to drive to lunch, rather than walk three blocks. As Babbitt rides through the busy downtown area, he observes the buildings and streets with fond familiarity. The city is really no different from many others throughout America, but to him it is unique and a source of pride. While driving, he reviews the morning's transactions with pleasure and evaluates his financial condition. He feels that his income is more than sufficient, but also that his family is guilty of much foolish and wasteful spending. Despite his decision to cut out needless expenses, he stops and purchases a costly electric cigar lighter for the car, feeling that even if he...
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