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camaraderie loyalty and warm

camaraderie loyalty and warm - commodious offering plenty...

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camaraderie  loyalty and warm, friendly feeling among comrades; comradeship. car  here, streetcar. Carondelet Street  the center of New Orleans' financial district. Ce que tes yeux me disent  What your eyes are saying to me. chambres garnies  furnished rental rooms. Ch ê ni è re Caminada  a small island lying between Grand Isle and the Louisiana coast. Chopin  [Fr é d é ric] Fran ç ois Chopin (1810–1849); Polish composer and pianist, lived in France after  1831. cicatrice  scar. close  here, confined or confining; narrow. collar  a cloth band or folded-over piece attached to the neck of a garment. cologne water  eau de cologne. colored  altered, influenced, distorted, or exaggerated to some degree.
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Unformatted text preview: commodious offering plenty of room; spacious; roomy. compass here, amount. condition here, the condition of being pregnant. consuming wasting away; perishing. coquetry the behavior or act of a coquette; flirting. countenance the look on a person's face that shows one's nature or feelings. coup d'état the sudden, forcible overthrow of a ruler or government, sometimes with violence, by a small group of people already having some political or military authority. coupé a closed carriage seating two passengers, with a seat outside for the driver....
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