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jessamine any of various tropical and subtropical plants of the olive family

Jessamine any of various tropical and subtropical plants of the olive family

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jessamine  any of various tropical and subtropical plants of the olive family, with fragrant flowers of  yellow, red, or white, used in perfumes or for scenting tea. Typically spelled jasmine. à Jeudi   until Thursday. Jockey Club  a luxurious social club limited to a select group of the New Orleans upper class. la belle dame   beautiful woman. lateen  a triangular, fore-and-aft-rigged sail suspended on a slant from a portion of the ship's mast. lawn sleeves  sleeves made from   lawn,   a fine, sheer cloth of linen or cotton. les convenances  social conventions; protocol. lorgnette  a pair of eyeglasses attached to a handle. Lucullean  as in the banquets of Lucius Lucinius Lucullus (circa 110–57 B.C.); Roman general and 
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Unformatted text preview: consul: proverbial for his wealth and luxurious banquets. lugger a small vessel equipped with a lugsail or lugsails. ma chère my dear. Ma foi! Indeed! (literally "my goodness"). ma reine my queen (or my love). mais ce n'est pas mal! elle s'y connait, elle a de la force, oui But that's not bad at all! She knows what she's doing, she has a talent. marron glacé marrons in syrup or glazed with sugar; candied chestnuts. matting a woven fabric of fiber, as straw or hemp, for mats, floor covering, wrapping, and so on. ménage a household; domestic establishment. mets main dish or main course. mulatresse female mulatto....
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