Lewis has shown us scenes of Babbitt in bed

Lewis has shown us scenes of Babbitt in bed - Lewis has...

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Unformatted text preview: Lewis has shown us scenes of Babbitt in bed, Babbitt at breakfast, and Babbitt at business. Now he shows us Babbitt back home. The Babbitts' evening meal is, as breakfast was, accompanied by quarreling. Again the subject is the same: the family automobile. Ted wants a new car because he wants to show it off; furthermore, Ted doesn't want to wait until he is his father's age to do so. He wants big money now, and he wants to spend it and show off. He wants a job that requires no study and no preparation, its only qualification being the desire for wealth, success, and adventure. Ted is looking for shortcuts. Ted is indeed his father's son — only more verbal and more naive. Babbitt is also a man of shortcuts; he has exchanged original thinking and reasoning for the opinions of Howard Littlefield and the editorials in the daily newspaper. Ted does not want to earn financial success; Babbitt does not want editorials in the daily newspaper....
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