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mulatto a person who has one black parent and one white parent

Mulatto a person who has one black parent and one white parent

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mulatto  a person who has one black parent and one white parent. mules  lounging slippers that do not cover the heels. multitudinous  very numerous; many. muslin  any of various strong, often sheer cotton fabrics of plain weave; especially a heavy variety  used for sheets, pillowcases, and so on. nom de guerre  a pseudonym. on her mettle  roused or prepared to do her best. parterre  an ornamental garden area in which the flower beds and path form a pattern. party call  Women were expected to visit a party's hostess within a week of the party to thank her, if  they have not attended one of her parties before. passez! adieu! allez vous-en! 
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Unformatted text preview: Go on! Good-bye! Go away! pâtés meat pies. pathos the quality in something experienced or observed that arouses feelings of pity, sorrow, sympathy, or compassion. patois a form of a language differing generally from the accepted standard, as a provincial or local dialect. pauvre chérie poor dear. peignoir a woman's loose, full dressing gown; like a negligee. pension a term used in France and other continental countries for a boardinghouse. perambulation a walking about; a stroll. personalities here, personal matters. pigeon house small bird house for domesticated pigeons. pirogue a dugout canoe....
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  • white parent. mules, sheer cotton fabrics, ornamental garden area, chérie poor dear, small bird house

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