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Myra Babbitt

Myra Babbitt - Myra Babbitt brought down mysteriously is...

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Unformatted text preview: Myra Babbitt, brought down mysteriously, is George Babbitt's salvation, and like the Prodigal Son, Babbitt is warmly greeted back into the conservative fold by Verg Gunch and the members of Babbitt's old gang as they visit Myra in the hospital. Babbitt's shoulder is patted in sympathy, and old differences disappear. Babbitt returns to the solid citizen mold and he finally becomes a solid member of the Good Citizens' League. Accordingly, big money returns to the coffers of Babbitt's real-estate business, and so the cycle of Babbitt's security, his loss of security, and his security regained comes full circle. From being one of the club, to one of Tanis' Bunch, Babbitt returns to being one of the club again. Restored to membership in Zenith's moneymaking fraternity, Babbitt rotely endorses the notion that America's world-famous equality means absolute conformity — conformity in thought and dress and...
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