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Unformatted text preview: Paul, on the other hand, wants to go down to the docks and see an ocean liner. To him, the floating ship is a symbol of escape, something that is capable of taking him away from his nagging wife and his boring, if successful, business. Babbitt is too insensitive to realize that Paul is emotionally overwhelmed by the possibility of sailing away and leaving his unhappy life behind him. In contrast to Paul, who certainly does not "need" Zilla's nagging, Babbitt "needs" Myra's nagging because it is constant and secure. Myra may be a fat and unattractive component of Babbitt's life, but foremost she is a stabilizer and a source of great strength. When Myra appears at the camp, Babbitt automatically takes himself to task: he has been lazy and he is anxious for familiar things and familiar routines. He wonders about his business: is it able to function without him? He takes himself familiar routines....
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