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plumb  perfectly vertical; straight down. snuggery  a snug or comfortable place, room, and so on. soirée musicale  a party or gathering in the evening. soirée musicale   an event or party dedicated to musical performance. souffrante  suffering or ill; here, a reference to the late stage of pregnancy. sunshade  a parasol used for protection against the sun's rays. tabouret  a low, upholstered footstool. Also spelled taboret. telling her beads  praying on her rosary. tête montée  hot-headed person. Tiens! Voilà que Madame Ratignolle est jalouse!  Finally! It appears that Madame Ratignolle is 
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Unformatted text preview: jealous! tignon a Creole word for bun: the hair is wrapped in a scarf and the scarf is wrapped around the head. toddy a drink of brandy or whiskey with hot water, sugar, and often, spices. treadle a lever or pedal moved by the foot as to turn a wheel. Vespers the sixth of the seventh canonical hours; evening prayer. vingt-et-un a card game called "twenty one." vouchsafe to be gracious enough or condescend to give or grant. Zampa an opera written by Ferdinand Herold in which a character drowns at sea....
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